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Scalable for large or small crews.
Perfect for families and anyone needing flexible, tasty and easy to fix dishes.

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"Eat Like A Firefighter" is a collection of recipes and tips from firefighters and their families who have learned that staying healthy saves lives, staying flexible saves marriages and staying together through it all is family.

Here are a few of the traits you will find in the recipes and suggestions in this cookbook.   Firefighters and families need to cook meals that are:

  • Frugal - Most firefighters don’t make a lot of money and need to eat well while spending less

  • Flexible - Firefighters on shift come and go during mealtime for fires and community assistance.  Families come and go for their activities while the spouse who’s often navigates all the carpools, shopping and cooking schedules solo.

  • Scalable - Want to take your favorite dish to the firehouse to share?  Or bring your favorite firehouse dish back home to your family of four?  These meals can be easily scaled up or down.

  • Simple - No time to be elaborate when you are cooking for 10 hungry firefighters or when you’re the spouse home alone cooking for your own crew of little firefighter proteges.   You never know when that next “call for help” will come in either kitchen.  Keeping it simple is mandatory.

  • Flavorful - Simple doesn’t mean boring and bland.  We’ve all heard about chili cook offs and those secret traditional recipes at various firehouses across the world.   Some of the most creative meals I’ve ever seen have come straight from the firehouse.

  • Healthy - Who wants an unfit firefighter to come rescue them?  Meals at the firehouse need to bring sustainable energy and build strength without being overly laden with fat and sugars.   Who doesn’t need that?

  • Made to be enjoyed together - The heart of any home is the kitchen and especially the dining table. The same is true for many firehouses.  In what other profession do you have a place to break bread together three times a day?
So why keep this great formula for cooking to the fire families?   Our cookbook will be a favorite and unique gift for teachers, neighbors, friends and the hard to buy for family members.

Only the best for the firefighter's kitchen.

This cookbook is full of 300 recipes and 20 additional pages full of cooking tips for health, simplicity and other firehouse tips that anyone can employ.

Fire Wife Tested and Approved
Over 300 recipes are included which have all been tried and taste tested and quality approved by a team of Firefighter Wives who are part of the Fire Wife Sisterhood at 24-7 COMMITMENT, a non-profit supporting marriages and families in the fire service.

Featuring A.J. Fusco of Fork and Hose Company

Fork and Hose Co. shares recipes and meals from firehouses across the world while trying to focus on healthier eating as much as possible.  Founder A.J. Fusco is a firefighter, chef and the inspiration behind Fork and Hose Co.

Not Your Traditional Meats, Sides, Desserts Cookbook

This cookbook is organized for the life of a busy, healthy, frugal person who's kitchen isn't like her grandmothers.   Check out our recipe sections:


Crockpot Cooking

This isn’t the crockpot of days gone by.  EVERYTHING (almost) can be made with a crock pot which makes it a great choice to take to gatherings or treat your family after a long day at work.


Freezer Meals

What do busy, frugal families do?  Prepare fresh meals in advance and stock pile them in the freezer for quick access.


Quick and Healthy Firehouse Featured Recipes

From firefighters who cook everyday for large crews.  And you know those guys need a meal that’s going to fill them up, taste good and give them energy…but on a firehouse budget.   We’ve selected a few of the best – by popular demand.


Entrees, Sides and Desserts
for Large Crews

Do you have a large family?   Or like to take things to social events?  Firefighters are specialist in “large format cooking”


Quick Easy Healthy Meals for People On The Go

Have you seen an out of shape firefighter?  Wait, don’t answer that.  Sometimes life happens and we encourage them here to lose that spare tire!   But firefighters are always on the run and needing to do something quick and easy but still filling and healthy.  That’s exactly what you’ll find here.


Featured Firehouse
"Celebrity" Chefs

Some firehouses are lucky to have a firefighter with a passion and talent for cooking.  Two of those guys will be featured here in our cookbook.

AJ Fusco, Firefighter and cook at his station and founder of Fork and Hose Co.

Chris Hebert, Firefighter and cook at his station, featured on Cut Throat Kitchen on the Food  Network.


Here's a Preview of some Firehouse Cooking Tips

How Do You Cook An Easy and Healthy Meal When People Are Coming and Going All Evening?

Meals at the firehouse are often interrupted by the calls for help within a community.   Dinner sits as is so the firefighters can rush immediately to someone's assistance.

The same is often true in our own households as family members arrive / leave at various times due to work and activities.

This doesn't mean the dinner hour should be skipped in lieu of probably unhealthy snack choices.

Learn how to cook meals that are

  • Quick to prepare
  • Healthy
  • Easily re-heatable or re-servable or even nicely self-served at anytime throughout the evening

What are the tips and tricks for cooking healthy yet still tasty dishes for large crews of people?

Cooking en masse can sometimes lead to bland basic tin foil trays of mush reminiscent of your school cafeteria.   Big, strong firefighters don't get that way eating massive trays of unidentifiable mush.

In this book you will find tasty yet easy to prepare entrees, sides and desserts for large groups of people.  Perfect for taking to your next large gathering.  And scalable for a more reasonable dinner for 4.

How Do You Eat For Optimal Health, Fitness and the Energy It Takes To Be A Firefighter?

When you spend time in the kitchen, it can be tempting to always put something in your mouth when you walk by.  Every firehouse has a kitchen and it's a frequent hang out between training and calls.   Leave healthy snacks accessible for quick meals.

Eat to get strong.  If you have a lot of physical activity in your day, the calorie level needs to match that for energy.  But if you also want to build strength, you need to eat the right combination and quantity of healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates.  Be sure every meal contains a balance of meat, vegetables and starches.

Protein is a key element for those who are trying to stay fit and sustain their energy.  Protein keeps our "fuel tank" full for longer than rapidly digested carbohydrates.

When eating with a group of people, be considerate of other's diet choices as they attempt to stay healthy.   Accountability in a group is one of the best ways to lose weight and get healthy.


Proceeds Benefit Fire Families

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